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Canyon Creek Apartments

4851 Lemay Ferry Road

Saint Louis, MO 63129



Resident · 2013 - 2016
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I will never recommend ANYONE to this place. Current resident, and all they do is lie. They have lied to my wife and myself from day one. We have been here 3 years now. When we first got there, they said they were going to do construction, and be finished by the end of the year, with a dog park and a fitness center. 3 years later, and the dog park is now being worked on, construction is constant, and no fitness center. They leave letters on your door asking you to move your vehicle, or it will be towed. We always move ours. But it does not matter at all. They had to pave the parking spots one year, and a car never moved, but it was not towed. They just paved around the car. Our AC went out in the middle of the summer this year, and it took them 1 week and 4 days to get out to fix it, because it was not claimed as a "high priority". Each year i ask for privacy bushes/plants to be placed in front of my balcony like EVERYONE ELSE has. It never gets done. Because we do not have the privacy bushes, when they mow the lawn, they put the airblower right in our patio, and go to town. We have had numerous plants die due to being blown on the ground. We have had our ashtray fly around, and every time i have to sweep the patio to clean up the mess. When maintenance does come to fix something, they dont truly fix, but "bandaid" the issue. The staff will lie to you when you renew your lease to get more money. The staff is very rude when you are trying to dispute an item, and will just tell you that you are incorrect, even when they cause an issue. My rent is WAY to expensive for a small 1 bedroom. There is someone i know in that apartment that pays EXACTLY what we pay for a 2 bedroom. There is no uniformity. They will change things in your apartment with little notice. They changed around our cables for TV with less than a 2 day notice. If you are on the bottom floor, you can hear everything that your upstairs neighbor is doing and where they are at all times. The sidewalk to get to our apartment is littered with rocks that they do nothing about. There is a giant hole going under the sidewalk by the dumpster. There is not enough parking. If you get in late at night, and someone is throwing a party, you are going to be parking a fair distance away. It may seem nice on the outside, but save yourself some trouble and look elsewhere. We are not staying another year.
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Canyon Creek Apartments

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