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Coronado Place and Towers

3701 Lindell Blvd.

Saint Louis, MO 63108



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krudo • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/04/2007
I moved into Lindell Towers East the first year after renovations in August of 2003. My roommate and I both attended SLU's business school and the proximity to the school was convenient. HOWEVER... since approximately August of last year, going on our third year of residence in Lindell, my roommate and I experienced some of the most shady management behavior we can think of. First, our apartment roof started leaking, we reported it through an 'emergency' system of which is worthless. We received a call back the next morning asking if we had called that morning @ 9:00am when in actuality, it had been the previous night. Someone came up and 'looked' at our ceiling and determined there was nothing wrong with it - a fluke. Consistently for the next 10 months, our roof would leak during every hard rain. We'd e-mail, call, e-mail, call, make visits to the office - all the while, MY BED, CARPET, BOOKS, etc. were getting leaked on as more and more 'stress-points' developed in the ceiling. Through this whole process, no real remedy was offered. Finally, I had to be nasty enough to intimate the use of an attorney to resolve the matter. They gave us one month half price, yet, the roof still leaked - I sent three more e-mails to no avail after MORE leaks developed; and had I not been scrambling to graduate and apply for law schools, I would have taken appropriate action. The leaks created a saturated floor and subsequent mold grew all over our room floor. During spring break, maintenance replaced our floor, but the sub-floor was still wet. So, two weeks later, the new floor was warped and molded. I really wish now that I had considered legal redress during the incident (or at the very least, called a city health inspector to determine whether or not the mold was detrimental to our health and the conditions "unlivable"), but I am currently pursuing avenues of which the statue of limitations has not expired. We recently received our 'deposit' back of which two major amounts were withheld - (1) an $80 cleaning fee and (2) a $200 door fee. The cleaning fee baffles both my roommate and I. When we moved in, there was a consistent layer of dirt and sawdust covering our entire apartment, the fridge was sitting in the middle of the floor, and all the drawers were filled with dust and dirt. After spending a better part of 4 hours cleaning before our leave-out inspection (which Lindell failed to send someone during the scheduled time - inconveniencing myself and my roommate as we had plans to leave the city subsequent to the inspection) and THREE YEARS renting, we were charged $80 AS A CLEANING FEE?! I'm shocked. Our apartment was 'shiny' (for lack of a better word) when we moved out. The $200 door fee is also egregious. Three years of living, normal wear and tear causes a few nicks and scratches. We put in maintenance requests when things broke, and they were fixed (albeit weeks after the requests were requisitioned) - our door was one of these things. If it had been fixed, why are we being charged for it now? Again, shocked. All this - considering the incredible inconvenience of a consistently leaky roof - and we were still overcharged at move-out. If you can, honestly, please do not lease from these folks. Customer service does not exist (for instance, if you'd like to retrieve mail packages, you may ONLY DO SO during the weekday during NON-BUSINESS HOURS of 5pm through 8am). Maybe some people have had okay experiences with Front Door, but that is probably a product of mere luck. If something goes remotely wrong, you will regret renting from these folks. I regret it.
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Coronado Place and Towers

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