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Mansion House Apartments



Resident · 2006 - 2007
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Office Staff
There were things I loved about the Mansion House and things I hated. PROS: 1. GREAT location, you can't beat being just a block away from the Arch and basically everything else in the city. 2. Free laundry, Free exercise room, 24 hour lobby attendant, Free internet on the main floor, Furnished apartments are available, AWESOME pool on the rooftop with views that you can't beat along with a little picnic area that feels like you could just reach out and touch the Arch. 3. The parking garage, although kinda pricy to have a monthly parking pass, has always felt extremely safe to me. The attendants are constantly driving around in their golf carts, they just installed brighter lights to replace the dim ones, and no matter what people say about it being crowded with football and baseball games, there is ALWAYS a parking spot available. I'm a young female and I feel safe walking to my car on the lower level by myself. Plus, you HAVE to have a key to get into the Mansion House from the parking garage. 4. They are remodeling all the units. When I lived there, I had an older model which definitely needed upgrading. I've seen the new ones and they are a huge step up. 5. There is a place called James Henry which is about 100 feet up the street. While it attracts some shady figures (you're just going to have to get used to that if you want to live downtown), it has EVERYTHING that you would need, from frozen foods to alcohol. Not open 24 hours but is open pretty late. 6. The walls are EXTREMELY thick. I lived there for a year and never once heard anything going on in my neighbors apartments. I had surround sound on my TV and they said they could never hear it. The only thing you ever hear is if people walk by your door. 7. This is probably a personal pro for me, but I went to school at Patricia Stevens College for fashion merchandising which is directly next door. If you are a potential student reading this, trust me, it's worth every penny to live at the Mansion House while going to school. You can literally roll out of bed 5 minutes before class and still make it in time. Plus, when it's cold out, you can walk through the garage and avoid going outside. However, in the Fall of 2009, they are moving the school to Washington street, so you are going to have just a little more walking to do. CONS: 1. It does seem like the homeless flock to 4th street. Get used to bums asking for money, hitting on you, and asking some pretty strange questions. 2. The maintaince wasn't the best. It seemed like I had to pull the workers into my apartment to get them to fix something. Now keep in mind I did have an older model and since they remodeled the units, I've heard that the maintence has been better. 3. It's a very old building so the heating and cooling can be screwy. Plus there was a major incident when I lived there where a water pipe burst, water flooded into my apartment from the ceiling, totally ruining my computer. They didn't replace it because I didn't have renters insurance. MAKE A NOTE: ALWAYS GET RENTERS INSURANCE, EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU AREN'T GOING TO NEED IT. TRUST ME, SOMEDAY YOU WILL. 4. The noise problem really just depends on what kind of person you are. Personally, I hate the quiet. I love hearing cars and sirens. So if you don't like noise, don't move downtown, plain and simple. Because you will hear cars at all hours of the night. 5. The apartments weren't huge, that's for sure. You can definitely get a bigger apartment somewhere else in the city. Overall, I loved living at the Mansion House. I would recommend it to anyone!!
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Mansion House Apartments

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