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Mansion House Apartments



Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
I have lived here for a few months and most days am anxiously looking forward to the day I can break my lease. There are a few great things about the place; the location is great for doing just about anything fun...but life isn't all fun and games. The day-to-day necessities are nearly impossible living here. 1. Parking is a nightmare! First, you have to pay an additional $90 per month to park in the attached garage (it's not managed by Mansion House, so this is not all their fault but management should look into other options). Since I have lived here there has not been one day that there isn't an entrance/exit closed for construction, sometimes entire levels seem inaccessible! They also seel the garage for events, so I have to plan my evenings around Cardinal games, concerts, etc. because I can't leave for fear I won't get a spot in the garage. And if you have guests...well you won't because no one wants to deal with parking here! 2. Laundry facilities are completely inadequate. There are usually several units broken and for the number of residents here there simply aren't enough machines. You either have to get up super early in the morning or do it on Friday nights. 3. They try to tell you it's a very "exclusive" place to live...I have seen some shadier characters inside the apartment than outside! 4. The pool; Apparently there is some kind of magical club you have to be in to use the pool because the lifeguards save chairs for some people before the pool even opens! And if you happen to get a chair and heaven forbid bring a guest you will get complained about. I brought a guest and some lady threw a fit and made myself and my guest feel very uncomfortable. I pay rent too! 5. The staff; once you move in they are rude. With the exception of a few of the lobby attendants, some of them are very helpful! All in all the only way I would really recommend living here is if you work within walking distance or if you just want to hang out downtown and don't have to work, grocery shop or do laundry.
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Mansion House Apartments

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