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Mansion House Apartments



Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
I would caution anyone about this building. I have lived here for 2 months, and it is the worse rental experience of my life, and I have lived in rental apartments all over the country. These are the details: 1. There is asbestos in the ceiling. Yeah, it s in the brochure. The ceiling plaster in Mansion House Apartments is formulated with some asbestos...therefore, do not disturb the ceiling in any manner. In case you re not sure what asbestos is It is a carcinogenic. That means it causes cancer. 2. There is a smell in my apartment that is SO foul it makes me want to vomit every time I enter the place--smells like pure sewerage. I have spoken to the office regarding this several times to no avail. 3. Additionally, you smell everything your neighbors are cooking. 4. I once came in and the apartment was filled with smoke. I ve no idea what caused this. I had to open the door, the windows, and turn on the fan above the stove to clear the air. 5. The women (and that is putting it nicely) in the office are nasty, full of attitude, and have no intelligence whatsoever. I am sure there will still be those of you who will dismiss this rating and rent here anyway. To you I say, when your complaints start, (and you WILL have them) be sure to put everything thing in writing. This will prove VERY useful in court.
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Mansion House Apartments

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