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Villages of Wyncrest



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/08/2002
This isn´t the worst place I have ever lived in. The exercise facility is newly renovated as is the laundry facility on the east/leasing side. Plus they are now adding security devices on the outside doors. The apartment I moved into had new carpeting, new bathroom, refridgerator, and dishwasher. Those are the pluses. <br> <br>As for the negatives... On the day I moved in, the shower spiget broke and maintainance would not fix it until the following day. i was sleeping at the time, they did not knock adn walked right in. Then, maintainance was too lazy to fix it claiming that it worked. I called the maintainance office and chewed them a new ------- and the faucet was fixed the same day. The lady who ran the maintainance facility was very friendly and apologetic, but the workers are not worth the money I am paying for rent to pay them. The windows are drafty, I have paid no less than $100 each month during the winter for my gas bill (gas heating and stove). The kitchen drawers are off track and there is a gaping hole between the cabinet and the floor by the stove. <br> <br>If you plan on living with a roommate, don´t live here. The 2-bedroom apartment isn´t worth it. The size of the two rooms are grossly unjust. The master bedroom is easly twice the size of the second. Plus, closet space is the size of a shoe box. <br> <br>Also, try to find a cheaper laundry facility. Yes, it is convienent to do your laundry there, but for $2 a load ($1 wash, $1 dry) and there is always one dryer and one washer that is broken at any given time, it might be worth the gas to go to the laundromat off of Olive. <br> <br>Don´t bother trying to take a bath, either. The water will be ice cold by the time your tub is half full.
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Villages of Wyncrest

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