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Turnberry Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/26/2007
I have lived in a number of apartments, and this community is by far the worst. I realize that no place is perfect, but there is no good to outweigh the bad at this place. The parking is awful .. good luck if you have to work late especially on the weekends, because you will end up walking through half the complex. Also, make sure you always walk on the sidewalk, because there is dog poop all over the grounds. And if it snows, good luck trying to get out, it takes them forever to clear the parking lot. Also, always make sure the structure of the carport is not compromised before you park .. or the roof may collapse from the weight of the snow and fall on your car (yes, this actually happened) These apartments are only several years old, and the outside may look attractive, but make sure you look closely .. the insides are awful .. except in the models of course. The appliances are cheap and sometimes don't work, instead of repainting apartments, they simply "touch up" the walls, so that it looks more like a patch work quilt because they use different shades of paint. The carpet is probably some of the cheapest stuff they could find, and I doubt they ever really replace it .. its gross. AND, my favorite .. the windows are not sealed correctly (nor do they know how to fix them), so they sweat when it rains really hard, and they leak .. meaning you will have to jack up your heat in the winter to keep the place warm, and blast the AC in the summer to keep it cold. And I really wouldn't look to the office for help, they know how to get you to sign a lease but that is about it.
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Turnberry Place Apartments

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