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Springfield Loft Apartments



Former Resident · 2018 - 2019
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Office Staff
Illegally took our deposit refund for cleaning and other fees when I have proof (verbal and written) that the work they did was not necessary. They also charged us for things they did not make us aware of when we asked them directly about it. They charged us exorbitant cleaning fees when I have pictures showing that we left the apartment extremely clean. They charged us for patching nail holes when I specifically asked Lindsay, the property manager, about this when we were signing the lease and she said that all holes are able to be fixed using the non-refundable portion of our deposit. They charged us $100 for not turning in parking stickers when I specifically asked them if we needed to turn anything else in and they told me that we didn't. We can still turn in the stickers, as we have the expired stickers in our cars. In addition, they didn't give us our deposit refund in 30 days (which is the legal limit in Missouri) and they lied about it and tried to back date our deposit refund check in front of me to make it look like the wrote it 35 days earlier. They stated that this was because we did not give a forwarding address, but I personally called them and gave them the address over the phone and followed up with them many times trying to get the deposit back and they said they didn't need anything else from me. In addition, I have contacted this company with proof many times to get this issue resolved and they have said they are too busy to take care of this issue.
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Springfield Loft Apartments

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