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Diamond Club Apartments

502 S. Main

Warrensburg, MO 64093



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
Personally, I hate living here. Having said that, some people do enjoy it. Those people are undergraduate students and international students who simply want to party. I am a grad student who came from out of state, so I never actually saw the place before I moved in. At first glance it looks nice, but as you live here you notice everything that is wrong with it. The place was built very quickly, so construction is poor. However, the maintenance staff is great. During the winter my window leaked air like crazy, so I had a towel on the ledge all winter, and I seriously considered weather sealing it. As a result of leaking windows, our electricity bill skyrocketed during the winter, and there was nothing we could do. At night you can very clearly see light leaking in my front door on the side. The walls are also very thin, so thin that even with our doors closed my roommate and I can hear each other talking on the phone almost word for word. The "furnished" aspect is nice at first glance, but not in practicality. They give the same amount of furniture to a 2 bedroom as a 4 bedroom, so my kitchen table only fits and comes with 2 chairs in the four bedroom, not even enough room for all roommates to eat together. Couch and chair and not very comfortable, and the padding wears out very quickly. Whoever gets my apartment will need the furniture replaced. Dishwasher is nice but noisy, and has a habit of leaving soap residue, but isn't terrible. In-apartment washer and dryer is also a nice touch. There isn't really enough room in the kitchen for 4 people's food and dishes, but someone could stick a baker's rack in the dining room for extra storage. Bathroom/Sink layout is actually really nice, but wastes a lot of space that would have been appreciated in the quite small bedrooms. Free TV and Internet is great, but for some reason Charter always has problems with the internet, and I mean literally at least once a month something is wrong. All in all I know there are worse places, but if you can manage to go somewhere else, do it.
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Diamond Club Apartments

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