Pelican Pointe Apartments

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Pelican Pointe Apartments

485 Ruella Avenue, Bay Saint Louis, MS 39520
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$1,031 - $1,164/mo



2.6 rating

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Resident 2017 - 2021


STAY AWAY! BLACK MOLD IN EVERY APARTMENT! Every apartment has a leak and horrible rodents in the ceiling and walls! Resident had a leak and her ceiling caved in and rodents fell out! Her apartment still has not been repaired for months after! Resident also has cancer. Laundry facilities charge 2.50 for each load! And take your money! They want to charge almost a grand and they are slum lords! I’m looking into speaking to the health dept it’s very unsafe!… See More>
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    Resident 2016


    Really great location. Staff actually cares. Decent size apartments. Lots of improvements I've noticed.

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      Resident 2015


      I love Pelican Pointe. I live here by myself and feel really safe. Its cclose to everything and love being able to just ride my bike everywhere. Really clean, great staff, and many changes undergoing. Very pleased.

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        Resident 2013 - 2015


        I have lived at pelican pointe for 2 years and as I read some of these bad reviews that are by far not true. Yes pelican pointe is an older property but within the past 6 months the management company has given the property a whole face lift. It's very family oranted and I enjoy living here... Best location close to shopping, beach and downtown.. We have a nice pool which they just purchased all new furniture for the summer, and the staff keeps the on site laundry very clean. The office staff (Jared and Mrs Nancy) are absolutely great! They are always willing to help anyway and work with you the best they can.. I must say I do plan staying here for a while and I highly recommend Pelican Pointe.

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          Resident 2014 - 2016


          STAY AWAY FROM THESE APARTMENTS. When I first moved here, I had a pretty okay experience. People were pretty quiet, the neighbors I saw were nice, and management was pretty easy to work with. Everything went downhill pretty quickly. After a while children started screaming around the apartments more. Honestly, every day I have to listen to multiple kids screaming and stomping around the apartments until late at night. It's not even little bursts, it's literally non-stop. I have never seen their parents around either. Today I even had a couple kids bang on my window to scare my cat. Parking is absolutely terrible. People just park where ever they want which means guests will take the actual parking spots and the people that actually live here have to park in the mud. There have been absolutely no attempts to rectify this, and I'm sure there never will be. Moving onto the management, though everything started pretty okay (using that term loosely as it took me months to get a new knob for my oven that's been missing since before we even moved it. The knob we got doesn't even work, but we just got tired of nagging.) but they've just stopped caring.… See More>
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            Resident 2014


            this place is AWFUL!!! my electric bill was over $300 a month and we were NOT comfortable!! everything was filthy (Katrina sludge IN THE CABINETS NINE YEARS AFTER THE STORM!!) and broken when I moved in. my blinds were jagged cut and there were holes in the wall. the sinks in the bathrooms were barely attached to the walls. the tub drains were rotted away with jagged edges .. I wouldn't dare bathe my grandchildren in there for fear they would cut themselves. there is a 'heater' in the bathroom that looks like a stove coil on the ceiling. the master bath has a half tub and to sit on the toilet your knees are against the wall .. it's like a baby bathroom. the stair case is not to code with steep stairs and railings that an adult can fit through. I begged for repairs and was told that I was on the list time after time. the only thing they ever fixed after MONTHS of begging and fussing was the thermostat .. which didn't end up being the problem even tho it was broken. the laundry room is disgusting!! the one time we used it, I did a… See More>
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              Resident 2013


              I live here now and the place is still falling apart. However, it is VERY safe! I have no issues with security and all of the noise at night has apparently been resolved. Maintenance man is helpful, polite and trustworthy when he finally does get to your place. But don't count on work being done any time soon. I've been here for three months, a list of broken items within the home still have not been fixed. The only maintenance man has been in 6-8 times and nowhere near done. You must call every day to make a new work order per broken item, otherwise, it will be forgotten or "swept under the rug". Cable: You may have 1 cable connection upstairs and one down stairs. If you live in the three bedroom townhouse, the outer two rooms (Master and smaller room) will NOT have a cable connection, it is forbidden! A queen size box spring will NOT fit upstairs! You'll have to pay extra for the split box spring. The queen mattress fit with force but not the box spring. This isn't lavish living by any means but it will get you off of the streets, the price is low. Drugs… See More>
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                Resident 2010 - 2012


                This place is quite plainly a slum! It has turned into a dangerous, Section 8 nightmare, where no one is safe after the sun goes down. There are roving bands of thugs that walk up and down the common walkways all night long, talking to the top of their lungs, drinking and getting into fights, and when I say "all night long" I mean it! None of your patio items are safe from these dregs anymore. Came home on quite a few occassions to find that someone had just decided to chill out on my patio and use my grill for their dinner. I have to rush my kid to the door of the apartment and to the car from the door of the apartment, because of the unsafe conditions here. Next, the place is literally falling apart. There are boards falling off of the building, the plumbing system is outdated and not up to code. The electrical system is the same way. If you call the "maintenance man" (unlicensed imbecile with no business working on people's homes) he will come in, destroy what he was supposed to fix and then blame the tenant for the failure of the repair.… See More>
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                  Resident 2010 - 2011


                  nothing but problems

                  The problems that came with this apartment ...The roof leaked, they never fixed it, had black mold and it was all over the bedroom ceiling , living room window would fall out when the wind would blow, air conditioner never worked right, took 2 weeks for them to replace garbage disposal. Couldn't get my kids Gueen bed sets up stairs. One whole year sleeping on a mattress. The tub or toilets would leak downstairs above the stove. Dishwasher didn't work, looked like there was always dirt in the water. (Remove you faucet water saver and c what comes out!!! ) every time the wind or it rained my lights would Flick. The foid pantry smells wet the kitchen cabinets r old and molded. The ac would blow through the stove This apartment needs to be tore down or rebuilt. The city needs to do a inspection. Plus there is not washer and dryer HOOKUPS inside the apartment.

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                    Resident 2009 - 2010


                    hmm some of the is right

                    I read the other review very carefully and agree with some of it, But as far as the management they have been very helpful and she is always friendly with me. I agree on the sewage problem it does seem like every other day the maintenance man is out there snaking it. Im sure its not because they are lazy that the problem wont get fixed i believe its because of the parent company. As for the parking yes its very frustrating. When i first moved in they had a trailer taking up two parking spots and people had to park on the side of the road. Then there is a resident that likes to park crooked because she can. After about 3 months we got a community officer alright and now he is guarenteed a parking spot every night because they drew lines on the ground gave him a sign and now him and his wife dont have to worry about parking i mean seriously are you kidding me its frustrating that you know if you want a parking spot you better be home before 4 or 5 or your out of luck. That is all my complaints… See More>
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                      Resident 2010


                      From the Day I Moved In, Nothing But Problems

                      The day that I moved into this apartment complex, the air conditioner stopped working. It was immediately noticeable that the sink for the bathroom had been rigged by the "maintenance man" (that's a laugh) to keep the plunder down and the sink plug in the up position. I'm not sure how he did this, but the result is a perpetually blocked drain in the sink. After calling his pager (per their promises of an onsite maintenance man who can be contacted any time) four times without so much as a call back, I finally called the manager. Needless to say, my air conditioner still doesn't work correctly and I have just given up on it ever being fixed. Next, I have bad seals on every single door and window in the apartment, that not only lets the cold air out (when it works) but also lets bugs in. It is a constant fight to get rid of flies and moths that have come in while I've been at work. Then, the apartment manager sent out a flyer to everyone in the complex that "the sewerage pipes are old and cannot deal with modern wastes like toilet-safe materials." So the inevitable has… See More>
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                        Resident 1994 - 1995




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                          Questions & Answers (1)

                          Asked on: 03/19/2018
                          Q: What is the estimated utility bill for one person?
                          Answered on: 06/01/2021
                          A: 200+ Old drafty windows!

                          Frequently Asked

                          What is the pet policy at Pelican Pointe Apartments?
                          Dogs Allowed
                          Deposit: Required
                          Rent: Required
                          Restrictions: Breed restrictions apply.
                          Cats Allowed
                          Deposit: Required
                          Rent: Required
                          What types of floor plans are available?
                          2 Beds, 1 Bath
                          2 Beds, 1.5 Baths
                          3 Beds, 2 Baths

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                          Pelican Pointe Apartments

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                          Pelican Pointe Apartments is an apartment in Bay Saint Louis in zip code 39520. This community has a 2 - 3 Beds, 1 - 2 Baths, and is for rent for $1,164. Nearby cities include Diamondhead, Pass Christian, Long Beach, Gulfport, and Picayune.

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