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Mark VI Apartments



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harlan07 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/11/2005
Mark VI has been a nightmare!<br><br>I have had major issues with the landlord at Mark VI.<br><br>I recieved a power bill for 4x the regular KW hr. usage. Clearly, there was an internal appliance issue driving the usage up.<br><br>I begged Mark VI to come out and see why the bill was so high, but they tried to blame it on MS power. I have a background in Industrial and Electrical Engineering, and I repeatedly tried to convince them that the problem was internal (the power company's meter was calibrated and functional).<br><br>Finally, I used my own troubleshooting skills to determine it was the hotwater heater and air conditioner. I put in a maintenance request to repair the airconditioning coils and the pressure relief valve on the HW heater.<br><br>Problem solved. My meter started normalizing and my usage has returned to normal.<br><br>But upon reporting the need to fix the appliances, I was chewed out for not requesting them to be fixed earlier! (I had made 3 previous attempts to do so!!) I did them a favor by trouble-shooting!<br><br>The landlord still refuses to recognize the link between the faulty appliances and the increased bill ($277.00!, its normally $70!!)<br><br>Don't come live at Mark VI unless you have a background in engineering and are willing to fix your own problems!<br><br>The Mark VI is resonably priced, and has a great atmosphere, but they are very incidious people who don't respect their tenants.<br><br>I have had other smaller issues, turning the whole experience into a nightmare!
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Mark VI Apartments

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