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Westover Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/24/2007
I lived at Westover & recently moved for many reasons. The #1 reason being an invasion of my privacy....constantly. I could always tell when maintenance had been in my apartment (without reason) because they left a mess & always used my bathroom. Several times when I was showering or sleeping they would just unlock my door & come in. Then once had the nerve to ask what I was doing home! They obviously make it a habit to watch to know when I was supposed to be working. Never knew why until I got a huge phone bill & found some things missing. All calls were made while I was at work. The management did NOTHING but blow it off. THESE WERE SEX CALLS! How could they have been made while I was at work? Phone company said they were for 45 minutes to an hour each! Maintenance would eat my food & drink tea & leave crap in my sinks!To top it off....the place became a ------ after the hurricane. I would come out to find people sitting on my car. -------- playing soccer in front of my apartment & making obscene comments. Construction guys drinking in broad daylight, & people booming stereos. I even saw 2 maintenance guys peeing behind our bushes! Maintenance even did an inspection on Valentine's Day which I thought was total b.s. Debra (manager) is so out of touch with the problems there that she is useless. I hated that place so much that I moved into a crappy rental house to get away & have privacy.
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Westover Apartments

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