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Resident · 2018 - 2019
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Office Staff
This has hands down been the worst experience of my life and would never recommend living here to anyone ever. From move-in day it's been one thing after the next. All the of 5 star reviews are from Archive bribing students with material objects or Starbucks gift cards to get good reviews, most before they even move in. If you care about where your student lives, DO NOT LET THEM SIGN A LEASE HERE. Please do your research. It's not just a few upset residents, it's everyone who lives here currently (most just aren't taking the time to write reviews but people deserve to know what's really happening here). I want to give them the benefit of the doubt because it is new, but it still shouldn't be this bad. The security doesn't respond to noise complaints or anything else half the time and the walls are entirely too thin. Like actually.. call the police, not security if you want your problems fixed. We've had multiple gunshots, robberies, cars running into ditches because of relationship disputes, car wrecks in the parking lots, car break-ins, etc. and they are of NO help. The gates also don't help you feel safe because people just wait around to get in or call random people on the list. Most of the time I can't even find a parking spot near my apartment and have to walk a far way to get there- when it's dark and you don't feel safe- not ideal. There have been multiple instances of dog poop being left on the stairs and sidewalks for weeks on end without them cleaning it. I don't believe they've ever swept out the hallways which are filled with bugs and spiderwebs. The trash will sit outside of people's doors for days on end piling up before they get it, too. It is honestly a pig sty and no human should live in this mess. OH, can't forget the time there were men's boxers just chilling on the sidewalk for a month. Half of my friends in the townhomes roofs/ceilings are falling apart- leaking when it rains and nails coming out of the floor, walls, etc. If I could give less than a 1 star I would. Have I mentioned they don't care about their residents' happiness, either? They will hound you until you sign and you will regret it almost immediately after moving in. I had such high hopes for this place and have been greatly let down. It's a joke to live here, and not even a good one. I'm paying entirely too much for what I'm getting out of this s*** hole.
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