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This is by far the worst apartment I have ever lived in! When i signed my lease i was shown the apartment where i would be living. I noticed several things that needed to be done and made mention of these things and was told it would be taken care of before i moved in. On the day of my move in I arrived at my new apartment with a UHaul and moving crew ready to move in. The apartment manager was one hour and fifteen minutes late arriving to work that day and i was told by the maintence staff that they were all getting used to being back at work from the holiday. when she finally arrived and i went into my apartment i noticed nothing had been done. I called her over and over requesting she do a walk through with me before i moved my things in she simply stated for me to write these things down that she was busy. "These things" included a broken dishwaher with molded water standing the bottom, a broken celing fan, broken blinds, scuffed walls, dirty and torn carpet, washer and dryer that were placed in my unit weren't moved into the slot nor plugged up and they were very dirty, the back porch had a hug black stain, and the entire apartment was nasty dirty from top to bottom. It took three weeks to get some of these things fixed and others well i'm still waiting. When i signed my lease the leasing agent told me that I could leave the lights on in the complex's name to avoid paying a turn on fee. This sounded great to me since i was being transfered and had many expenses. That was a mistake on my part I will admit. After three months i came home from a business trip to a dark apartment. I called the power company to inquire about this and they told me due to lack of payment and no permit for my apartment (the apartment had never been inspected by the city) that the power was out. I called the apartment manager and this lady could have cared less. She told me she would call the city and line up for them to come and get the power turned on in my name. She also told me she would call me back before she left for the day. 6:00pm rolled around and no call and no lights. I called the office to find out she had left for the day. I called the power company again to request information they told me no permit had been recieved and no information had been sent from the complex. I then took it upon myself to give all my information and went to check into a hotel. I called the next day three times and each time was told by the manager that she was taking care of it today she promised and that she was busy and passed me along to her assistant. The poor little assistant was lovely and listend to be loose my cool about three times that day. After no response and checking with the power company i went to get fact to face with the "manager" she was of course out of the office and again i voiced my concerns to the assistant. Again, i slept in a hotel. The next day i called over and over again and was told that yes the city inspector did infact come today and that it would take at least one more day for the process to be complete. The next day when i still had no power I had had enough. I went above the "manager's" head to her boss. This is clearly what it took to get a response from the "manager" of the complex who called be just after ending her conversation with her boss to YELL at me for talking to her boss. Long story short i checked into a hotel on Monday night and now it is Sunday of the next week and i'm still in a hotel. I have finally resolved the situation myself with the power company and have paid now twice for my electric bills ranging for three months and past due notices from before i've even moved in. If i could stand on the side of the road with a banner that read "Do NOT live at The Lexington" i would just so no one would make the same mistake as I did. The space is lovely and the comunity is very nice the neighbors are all very close due to the fact that everyone thinks management is a joke but i hate to even wonder what will happen next! This is by far the worst management, communication, customer service skills that I have ever seen in a staff I don't know where they got their experience but it seems it was from a clown school. I couldn't stress further to look else where for a place to live. The apartments across the road are lovely and i have a co worker who lives there they are a bit more expensive but worth the price this is where i will be moving as soon as my lease is up at this joke of an apartment community!


    Ridgeland Place
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    Ridgeland Place

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