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Resident · 2007
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Office Staff
I lived at the Trace for 3 years and was sad to leave it behind when I moved back up north. I had a corner 1 bedroom on the ground floor. No apartment living situation is ever perfect, but this was about as good as it gets. Here is a list of the good and not-so-good - hope it will help you make an informed choice.<br><br>Good<br>1. No Bugs: This was my biggest fear when I moved south, and thankfully I never had a roach problem at the Trace. Every now and then, a bug from outside would sneak in, but I never saw a kitchen-variety cockroach. My friends at Pear Orchard frequently battled roaches, so the Trace is outstanding in this regard. <br>2. Convenient to everything: Easy access to the freeway, shopping, restaurants, etc. County Line Rd does get congested at certain times of day, but if you plan it right you can avoid traffic. And as traffic goes, it's not that bad -- if you have ever lived with real city traffic, you will find that Ridgeland's definition of "traffic" is a bit exaggerated. <br>3. Close to nature: there is a gorgeous wooded trail within walking distance, I think it's over 3 miles long, a great place to jog, bike, or walk on weekends. I wouldn't recommend using the trail when it's deserted (e.g., early morning, after dark), but in general it is safe and well populated.<br>4. Peaceful setting: the grounds of the Trace are truly beautiful. Lots of tall piune trees, ducks, turtles, even bald eagles.<br>5. Ease of living: in general, it's just a nice place to live. I was always able to park right in front of my apartment, neighbors were quiet/non-intrusive, and the office was adequately responsive to maintenance issues.<br><br>Bad<br>1. The fitness room was terrible. Little kids would come in and play on the equipment (where are the parents???) and obnoxious, loud, teenage guys (NOT residents of the complex) would sneak in to use the basketball court. Both of these problems were constant. <br>2. Although the pool area was gorgeous, I eventually stopped going altogether. It tends to be populated by rednecks who pound beer all afternoon while hitting on every female in sight. Earlier in the day, it's filled with squealing, splashing children (also not fun).<br>3. Yes, the office staff is kind of rude. But, it never really bothered me, because they get stuff done. It makes no difference to me what tone of voice they use, or if they seem annoyed by my presence...as long as they do what I ask them to do (which they always did), I'm happy. Being from the north, I guess rude is just a fact of life!
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