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Union Square Apartments



Resident · 2011 - 2013
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Office Staff
I have lived here with my boyfriend and another roommate for about a month now. So far, the management has been very helpful (although sometimes, I feel like they come off as rushed and/or stressed) and the landscaping around the apartment complex is very pretty. I love the pond and all of the trees around the facility. I do have some issues though: they do landscaping very early in the morning on weekdays and weekends, and for someone that sometimes works late at night I would prefer they didn't do that. I also have some discrepancies with the consistancy on the dog policy in the apartments. I was told when we first filled out our applications we could have 2 dogs in the apartment with no weight limit. I asked again recently for the breed restriction list and management told me that we are limited to one dog under 30 pounds in our apartment and they could not offer me a copy of the breed restriction list on demand. I am irritated with this, because I know for a fact that there are two or three other dogs on the premises that weigh over 30 pounds (a Basset Hound & a Black Lab). I also saw another tenant this morning walking with two dogs, a Shih Tsu and a Pug, that were quite aggressive towards myself and my other roommate as we walked by them. Also, I have called about my upstairs neighbors who have a child that jumps, runs and screams around outside and in their apartment quite often. I was told they have fixed the problem and are working with the tenant to make sure the noise does decrease, however if anything the noise is louder, just not as often. I'm not sure what is worse. A bonus to the complex is that heating and electricity is included in the rent, which is saving us $$$. The complex doesn't have a gym, but does have a pool for summer months along with a library inside the management building. All in all, I would recommend the apartments to someone who is interested. I would hope that if you do fill out a lease, that the pet policy is more descriptive and set in stone than ours. The pet deposit is $350 and the pet rent is $25/month (I was told $20 when we first applied, another discrepancy). Also, make sure that if you aren't happy with noise than find a building in the complex with older children or adults. In general, the management is quick to get back to you but can sometimes be snappy and a little on the rude side. Not the best customer service I've recieved, but I do try to be polite in return. Not all complexes are the same, and I can't say that my experience so far is terrible, I am still adjusting to apartment life! My experience won't be the same as someone elses :) It's at least worth a check out, since Union Square does not have a website. Edit: 10/29/13 We have lived here since 2011. This complex has gotten worse and worse over time. Each apartment is full of old electronics and the new Manager is rude and nosey. When we signed our new lease, we were told we HAD to pick either a 9 month or a 14 month lease. What!? Apparently, THEY tell you how long you can stay. The complex needs to be completely renovated and renewed. We pay $950 for a two bed/two bath apartment that only allows one pet under 30 pounds and we aren't even in a central part of Missoula! Seems perfect at first, but look everywhere else if you can. We will be moving out as soon as our 14 month lease is up.
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Union Square Apartments

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