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Camden Lake Pine

600 Park Summit Boulevard

Apex, NC 27523



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tavitha317 • Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/19/2005
My roommate and I have lived at Summit Lake through 2 different management companies. Having received nothing but poor service from the first one, we were happy that a new one was coming in. Then the wierdness started. We received letters galore, informing us that 'we apparently were not aware' of policies that they had recently instituted. They are very quick to respond to baseless complaints but don't seem to bother with substantial ones. We had noisy neighbors who were never dealt with (one call to Apex PD took care of that, at 4 am) They want you to talk to them first before doing anything which would be fine if they were ever in the office. The only way you will ever get any help from the office is if you are a prospective renter. Anyone else gets voicemail on the phone, no responses to letters/email, and if you're lucky to work hours that allow you to visit the office during 'open' hours, you will frequenly find the door locked very early. We got letters demanding money for things that could not be explained (when we finally got someone on the phone). While building our current home we were given exorbanant rent amounts for month-to-month leases while we were perfectly able to give 4 months notice. No one who is reachable by phone has a clue what they're talking about, and if you call back and talk to someone else you'll get a different answer. The exterior is dirty, no one cleans up after dogs and are not forced to after complaints are filed. Don't bother calling maintenence because they will come weeks later if they come at all. I could continue on for days but leave you with this advice. <br>Keep copies of everything you get and send to the office. Learn to fix it yourself. Examine the apartment *closely* before moving in, porcelan sinks fixed with white-out, carpets hiding stains only visible under bright lights. And bring your own light fixtures, these places don't come with them.
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Camden Lake Pine

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