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Creekside Hills



Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
The place is OVER priced. They will try to over charge you on your water bill!!! there are too many new rules which makes comfortable living impossible. Parking reminds me of the mall parking lots on Christmas Eve. Good luck with have a major household item repaired in a timely manor. The constant construction will drive you crazy. The construction crews damaging your vehicle will cost you money. The staff is so-so. The repair guys ride golf carts all day while eating Bo jangles and talk on their cell phones and do no work.....A lot of good people live there even though some are very noisy and un checked. Most of the staff don't know the answers to many questions or will just lie to you. They allow construction company that the have out there to plug their heavy power tools to your outside outlet and run up your electric bill Illegally!!!! This place is not family friendly. Dirty pool! Waaaaaaay to many spiders and frogs in the area! Large dogs are no longer allowed. The garbage service has you playing sanitation everyday or you get hit with a 25 dollar fine if you leave a pizza box outside your door overnight. They are quick to tow your car. Cheap paint on the thin walls. High fees if you pay your rent or water bill a day late. The odd thing is that if you speak to the Housing Dept they break a few rules and a few laws. This place overall is like an overpriced very nice TOILET... Enjoy bathing, drinking and cooking in well water!
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Creekside Hills

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