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Creekside Hills



Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
I have lived in this apartment complex for about half my lease term and I regret the day I signed the lease. These people are a joke. First of all, the maintenance people suck. They were good at first but my shower head and blinds broke two weeks ago and I have had nobody to come fix it. I finally went down to the office and they only have one maintanence guy for several buildings of apartments!! Secondly, the office staff suck at their jobs. They don't help you in any way possible unless it makes them more money. It seems like everything I tell them is "against the lease". If I have a visitor, that's against the lease. If I cough or sneeze, that's against the lease. I could be living with a Serial Killer in my apartment, they don't care. "It'll be 98723987234987234987234987234864107234 dollars to break your lease plus the damage fees". Sure, the complex is somewhat nice and not ------. But, the minute you move in you have floors coming up, walls chipping, showerheads breaking, blinds need replacing. Everything falls apart the minute you become settled and sure that you want to move in. This place sucks and I am reporting them to the BBB. Their parking sucks too. Oh and if you are trying to sleep in, good luck because construction noise begins at the buttcrack of dawn and it doesn't stop. I say they should fire everybody in that rental office, corporate should go out of business, and the apartment complex should be torn down.
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Creekside Hills

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