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Lake Ridge Apartments



Resident · 2009 - 2011
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
We would not recommend this place to anyone for the following reasons: -I lived there for a year and a half and no matter how many times the "exterminator" came, the cockroaches never disappeared. Three weeks in a row I took off work so I could be there when the exterminator arrived so that I could take my dog out of the house, and he never showed up. I had to write a letter to the D.A. of Landlords and Tenants before finally getting someone to come spray. The bugs weren't just in the kitchen, but also the bathroom, the ceilings, the walls, the carpets, the bedroom. We also got bedbugs right after we moved in. I hate to admit to other humans that I lived with bugs for so long.(And the people we lived next to were filthy.) -We had maintenance that was half finished before that employee got fired, so it never got finished. -Office management could care less about complaints we have, and the staff at the Tarheel Companies home office is even worse. They will do everything to nickel and dime you. Our lease was up in July of 2010, and we didn't get notification until November 2010 that our lease was up and rent was going up, even if we signed another lease. And they gave us 10 days to make the decision. We put our 30 day notice in and they still charged us the higher rent of $600 for a one bedroom HOLE that never got repairs done or any work done. There was no justification for raising the rent to $600, nor was our original price of $540 a month worth it. -Parking is fine on a normal basis but a disaster if you have any bad weather. If it snows, you aren't going anywhere. -We had 6 windows and 4 of them did not lock. We were on the ground floor. We took it upon ourselves to bolt the windows down so no one would come in. Also, the apartment is very drafty and our electric bill was around $200 every month for a 1 bedroom apartment (that also included water and sewer but the electric was about 3/4 of our bill). -Our shower head was broken when we moved in. We bought a new one because we had to shower, and never got reimbursed. -They outsourced some of the labor to come clean apartments, paint, and redo the carpets to get the ready for the next tenant, but they would come at weird times. They tore up and set new carpets upstairs from us one day from 5-8pm so all we could hear was loud banging and hammering after we got home from work. One time, the cleaning crew came and started vaccuuming the apartment next to us at 11 pm. The walls are paper thin. -The buildings are gross. They redid the outside of the building where we lived and power-washed all our pavement, but the old maintenance man took someone's water heater out, and left it to leak rusty water all over our "patio" leaving a nice orange stain.
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Lake Ridge Apartments

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