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Kensington Place Apartments



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Office Staff
concernedrent16 • Resident 2015 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/10/2016
I would never recommend anyone move in here. The apartments look aesthetically nice on the outside but everything is out of date and broken on the inside, and worst of all the three ladies in the office and the maintenance crew do not care about any of the tenants. I moved in back in Nov and since then I have had my hot water broken, my heat was broken when it was freezing temperatures, a pipe burst in the wall and flooded part of the apartment and recently the a/c has been broken for 3 months with them promising to finish repairing it and then they just never show up. Those are just the major repairs, there were many other repairs needed, some I noticed when I did a walk through of the apartment and was assured they would be fixed asap after I signed the lease, it took them over a month to come fix anything. Aside from how horrible and slow their maintenance is, the girls in the office are rude and demeaning so don't expect any help or sympathy there. Another apartment in the complex caught fire recently and it didn't surprise me, I guarantee it is because of shoddy maintenance and electrical work. If you plug anything in it sparks and trying to get a plug out of a wall requires both hands and your foot. You can't brew coffee and run the microwave at the same time without flipping a circuit and anytime I blow dry my hair the lights in my bathroom go down, and the hair dryer sparks. Oh, and when they repaired the busted pipe, the guy basically said it happens all the time because of old piping but he didn't replace it he just patched it up, so it will happen again to me or the next tenant. The rent is astronomical when you consider how many things in this apartment break and how often maintenance is coming into your home making a mess and disturbing you. If I could I would rate the place 0 stars. The only thing the office staff cares about is making the outside grounds appear nice so more people will move in when all the ones who have been screwed over get sick and tired and leave. On a side note my friend who also lives here had her rent payment stolen by one of the ladies in the office, she paid with a cashier's check and the money just magically disappeared, they were going to try and evict her but she had proof that she bought the cashier's check. Horrible horrible staff. This place would only be a good place to live if the holding company fired them all and got some qualified people in here who actually cared about their jobs and cared about the tenants. Also, since the office staff clearly posts on here trying to raise their reviews (I saw a few that mentioned them all specifically by name and said wonderful things, definitely not a resident), here are a few name drops of my own. Shelly the main face of the office, the one who answers the phone and shows people to prospective apartments is lazy and extremely unintelligent, when my heat was out I specifically went to the office instead of calling and spoke with her and she was on the computer supposedly putting the work order in, I left to run errands and came back hours later to an ice cold apartment because she had never put any maintenance request in. This is just one example of many of this girl being incapable of the simplest tasks. Don't ever leave a message with her and expect it to reach the person you wanted, because it won't (had that happen several times also). Secondly, Jessica is the demeaning one, you will report that something is broken and she will promptly accuse you basically of being stupid, like you don't know when your air conditioner or hot water are not working properly, instead of just doing her job and getting it fixed. Every single time she has done this, I was correct that it was broken, but no apologies on her part for her extreme rudeness. The staff even goes so far as to put out a newsletter every month, half of which is just them ranting about tenants, threatening to fine people for not picking up after their dogs or throwing the trash in the bin properly. I find it funny because I guarantee if they gave half a crap about their tenants the tenants would care quite a bit more, but since they include the same rants in every newsletter I can only surmise that the tenants care as little about their pet peeves as the staff cares about the tenants.
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Kensington Place Apartments

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