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Kensington Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2017 Recommended
Reviewed 10/27/2017
I moved here back in 2013, now going on 4 years (and not out of necessity). That says something. Although a couple things to point out: The apartments are on the dated side, however everything works well. The windows could be better insulated, and the air conditioning units replaced/upgraded. Water heater has been fine, but my shower cannot get 'super hot' (just warm enough). They may not be as aesthetically pleasing compared to the new complexes that have been built in South Asheville/Arden area, but you pay a much higher premium for those. Appliances I would grade as a C, with many of them being dated. In the past 4 years, they fixed the weather seal on my door, fixed a water hose that popped loose in the bathroom (fairly minor), had to repair a water hose connection on a wall that broke (did partial flooding, but was remedied), along with a quirky fridge and a broken pull chain on a ceiling fan. Most problems, with the exception of the water connection on the wall breaking, were fairly minor and not unexpected for living here 4 years. In the handful of maintenance problems I've had, all have been fixed fairly quickly and no repeat problems. Sweeten Creek is not a good road to commute on, let alone live on (in addition to the mills gap intersection). It's gotten far worse over the years, but so has Asheville traffic in general. This being one of the main drawbacks of the community, and South Asheville in general. There are a fair amount of hilly roads/driveways throughout the complex, which makes driving after a snowfall very difficult, if not impossible. They are fairly quick to get snow removal, and it hasn't proven to be too much of an obstacle while I've been here. The grounds are fairly well kept, with very few problems (one of them being a couple pot holes that get patched/filled, but open back up every year). Office staff has been very responsive and professional. A couple very minor communication hiccups, but nothing serious at all. I had an incident with a maintenance professional that was fortunately resolved very quickly. No other complaints. I rarely hear my neighbors. Sound insulation from upstairs could be better, however all of my neighbors are quiet. From the side walls between apartments, I never hear anything. The walkways on the other hand can be noisy if people are walking (however I don't near my neighbors much at all). Overall, noise levels are pretty low. Garages can be rented, but availability is very tight, and there's a waiting list. Garage rentals are only $85, and are very spacious for a 1 car. The complex has an official policy that garages shouldn't be used purely for storage, but that rule is regularly violated. I seem to be one of the very few who actually use a garage for its intended purpose, and on a regular basis. If you can find one or hear of one coming available, I highly recommend you pounce on it. You CANNOT beat the price on them. Their pet policy is one of the best around. No pet rent, and has a pet deposit/fee of $150/150 (or 100/150, can't remember). Compared to many if not most of the nearby complexes, this is MUCH cheaper. I've had no problem with animals in the area, and the apartments all seem to be fairly clean (for allowing pets). I have a cat, so I'm unsure of the exact dog policy (but they do allow them). They have two pools, but I almost never bother to use them (they are fairly nice). They have a couple laundry buildings, with wash/dry loads at $1.50 each. Machines are semi-regularly maintained (there seems to be maybe 1 or 2 not working, out of 8 possible). Pretty much all of the apartments have laundry hookups though, which is a nice perk. One complaint is that while they do have online/digital rent payment, it costs a fee (something like $15). My last complex had free automatic electronic rent payment, and even knocked a lot of money off the security deposit. The rent cost is extremely reasonable, especially considering how expensive rent has gotten in Asheville, and with all the new buildings. You simply cannot beat the bang for the buck with this place (there's a reason there's a wait list). In the 4 years I've been here, they've only raised my rent maybe $5 or $10 a year (if at all). That, and throwing in free water/sewer/trash makes it an unbeatable value. If you have a much larger budget, by all means go somewhere else. But you wouldn't be making a mistake picking Kensington Place.
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Kensington Place Apartments

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