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Kensington Place Apartments



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Office Staff
KaseyHeron • Resident 2018 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/29/2019
I have held back from writing a review for the past 5 months because I thought there was no possible way my negative experience would be so consistent, but here we are. Save yourself the stress and disappointment and pay the $100 more to live somewhere else. On move in day (November) when we did our walk through, the amount of things that needed to be fixed blew my mind. How was this apartment move in ready? There were stains on the carpet, paint chipping and peeling off of the ceiling and walls, the storm door didn't close and was hanging off of one hinge, the door in the living room that went out to the patio had cracks in the glass and a rotted piece of wood at the bottom of the door jam. Shortly after we were left alone to unload our moving truck in our new nightmare, we realized the sink in the kitchen also had a leak and the wood underneath the piping was warped and stunk of mildew. The sink and the paint took three weeks to repair. The door took two months or more to be fixed because it was on "back order", only AFTER it started to rain in our living room through the top of the door. By the way, it rained in our living room more than once before they actually replaced the door, meanwhile I am living with a tarp over my furniture for weeks. When they did replace the door, it wasn't the same one that was originally in there so what reason they couldn't just go to Lowes and get any random door blows my mind. As soon as the door got fixed along with the other issues very slowly being attended to, I thought, "Okay, I can't imagine what else could go wrong at this point. Maybe we can finally settle in without worrying every day." Obviously, I was wrong. The same week as the door being fixed, the ceiling started to leak water over the shower in the guest bathroom. We called maintenance and they came and said the upstairs tub was clogged and they got it fixed so we shouldn't have another issue. Fast forward to less than a week later, I was straightening up and heard water running from somewhere. I quickly realized it was now raining in our master bedroom through the ceiling vent. Called maintenance again and they said it was actually a pipe leaking and it was now raining in our bedroom and the same bathroom. They came to "fix it" so we left the house for the afternoon out of frustration and when we got home, obviously nothing had been fixed. But there WAS pizza in our garbage can, so at least they had time to sit down and eat in my house while I wasn't home. They came back a day or two later and cut some eyesore holes in the ceiling and left them there like that until they could get someone in to patch them up. Mind you, while this was all happening, I was already trying to get them to clean the carpets to avoid the entire house smelling like wet carpet after the water in the living room. After this incident, they did have someone come to clean them. It was at this point I couldn't take it anymore. I went to the leasing office and had to beg to get my lease cut short, which thankfully they were able to do for us. Fast forward, we are just counting down the days until we can leave this hell hole, and wouldn't you know it! It is raining again in our bedroom and living room! Carpets soaked again, and I doubt they will be in to get them cleaned, brown spots on walls, the whole nine. During these past few weeks they fired the old maintenance supervisor thankfully, and brought back someone that used to work here, so again, wrongfully, we had hope. The new maintenance man told me they would be in at 9am to fix the ceilings (which is a loud process), so I intentionally made sure I was out of the house to accommodate that, and of course, it is now noon and they have barely begun. By the way, they also know I work from home. The lack of assistance, courtesy, and understanding from the office staff here has been an extreme disappointment to say the very least. Right now, this apartment is unlivable. Our furniture is taken apart and all over the house to accommodate all of the foot traffic and work that needs to be done and they won't comp us a hotel, so we are living in my office I guess until further notice. The manager hasn't even been in here to evaluate either. The only thing positive thing I can say about this apartment is the location is great. GO LIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE! This is apartment ---- by the way. So definitely do not sign a lease for this apartment.
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