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Kensington Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/25/2012
Rented this apartment from august 2011 to may 2012. It was horrible. One of the main reasons we rented this apartment was because of the pool. It was never open. When we moved in there was no hot water. It took a week to get that fixed. Then the knob for the hot water in the bathroom sink fell off. That took another week. The bathtub creaked horribly. When we moved in there were cracks in the sheet-rock. we complained that there were bees in the apartment in mid feb. didn't see an exterminator until end of march, and both tenants are allergic. When complaining to the property managers, they basically say "we're going to work on that' and never do. Potholes in parkinglot so big that you could pop a tire, and speed bumps with no meaning in parking lot. Lawn care is there at seven thirty in the morning, mowing the lawn. Broke our lease because I had had it with dealing with them, asked several times about setting up a payment plan and didn't receive a final bill until a MONTH later, DEMANDING that i pay full amount or debit would be sent to collections. I called regarding this and was hung up on. I do not recommend Kensington. These people do NOT know how to treat tenants with respect. They do not know how to manage a property. and it is extremely expensive for the poor quality and tiny apartment.
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Kensington Place Apartments

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