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Weirbridge Village

1 Legacy Oaks Place

Asheville, NC 28803



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stinkylomax • Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/30/2012
Not only is the nature of the review written on 6/16 -- a point-by-point rebuttal of that which had been written previously -- suggestive of the fact that it is indeed fabricated but the advice to the reader that they come and check the place out in person-- well, if that isn't a sales pitch, I don't know what is. Reviews are generally written by the dissatisfied. Conversely, a satisfied customer typically doesn't feel the need to expound upon the virtues of an object or place - it just doesn't cross their minds. A dissatisfied customer, on the other hand, will actively seek out an opportunity to gripe, warn or otherwise get the message out that a product fails to meet expectation. And well, this product fails to meet expectation. As "fake" reviews go, it wasn't even a good one. It recommends that in order to get away from the noise, avoid the buildings around the pool. This, of course, accounts for the vast majority of the buildings. If the review were in fact written by a resident, perhaps he or she finds the buildings in the rear so peaceful because those buildings remain unfilled. Meanwhile, in my apartment, I can hear my neighbors' phone ring. Then the review goes into its sales-pitch portion, detailing the counters (which, in some cases, are laminate, not granite as indicated), the ten-foot ceilings (which you can only get on the top floor and in certain rooms), etc. Look, forget all of the he said, she said - the bottom line is this: If you plan to visit, make a checklist of items you want to review and see for yourself. For example, open the microwave, bring an air freshener or something to plug in, talk to residents about U-Verse, inspect the finish work, visit the pool when it's busy and then imagine hearing that noise on a regular basis. Do these these things and I promise that you will see that this place is not the Shangri-La it pretends to be. To that point, if this place were that nice, it would not need to be pushed so hard; it would stand on its own merits. The place would have rented much sooner, at their initial rates and would not need these imaginary reviews by Mr. and Mrs. Glowing. Maybe if the staff spent less time engaging in a battle of words and more time addressing the issues of this community, then perhaps it can be a place we re all proud to call home. Soften the noise at the gates around the pool. Get rid of AT&T. Shut down the laundry room at reasonable hour. Let's start there, people.
Weirbridge Village Manager12/03/2015

Thank you for your feedback. I would be more than happy to listen and address any concerns you have. Please feel free to contact me at the office. Kind Regards, Management

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Weirbridge Village

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