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Northview At Biltmore Lake



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/17/2007
It's a lovely community, with gorgeous views and plentiful amenities. <br><br>The downside --- the community was poorly constructed. Having lived there only a few months, it's easy to observe that the laminate floors peel up on the ends, the door handles rarely stay tight in place, and you can hear everything from your neighbors' space (and I mean everything). <br><br>If you like quiet settings, you might think this is the place for you due to its location. Think again. It is quite loud at all times of day and evening. <br><br>For instance, the community allows larger dogs, even some that appear over 100 lbs. on higher floors. Further, the building used such poor insulation that you can actually hear dogs running the length of the apartments all day. The dogs are everywhere, and there's little assurance that the pets are being walked in the right areas, on their leashes and cleaned up after. <br><br>In addition, the management staff do very little to resolve the noise issues. The quiet hours of 10 pm to 8 am are not adhered to at all, unless you were to call the sheriff's department (and even then, they tell you the management office should respond to it). <br><br>The staff are friendly and the courtesy officer says he'll help you in whatever way possible, but when it comes to actually issuing warnings or investigating a call, no one really gets involved.<br><br>I write this because I don't want anyone else to be as swayed as I was by the image the community portrays, unless these issues don't apply to you. Perhaps some people don't mind sharing their space with five other people and their large dogs. -- oh, and don't mind having the plants in front of your patio watered and dumped on every day (if you know what I mean).<br><br>The only good things besides the views are the activities they sponsor for residents, the stellar maintenance staff, and the office associates are warm and friendly. There have to be some camoflauges to get people in there and keep them somewhat satisfied, I suppose.<br><br>Good luck with your search. I hope you consider alternatives when looking for an apartment (especially if looking for a condo as these are being sold - can you believe that?).
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Northview At Biltmore Lake

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