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180 West



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/20/2017
I've lived here for two years, and am a pretty gentle resident. I keep my place tidy, have it professionally cleaned once a month, and don't have pets. Despite my gentle usage, everything constantly breaks. Here is a list of the maintenance issues I have had in the last 16 or so months: - When I moved in, I complained about water damage around the porch doors and told the office it was getting bigger. Finally, after a year, they looked into it and realized the dry wall interior was sopping wet and completely black. This is now resolved, finally. - For the first WEEK I lived here, there was no electricity on the first floor. - My refrigerator has been leaking for more than SIX MONTHS. Someone came and fixed it and it stopped for a few weeks, but it has been leaking ever since. I can't use half of my refrigerator because the drawers have literally inches of water in them and all my food gets condensation on it from the constant dripping. I have repeatedly told maintenance and the office about this. - At about 11pm one night, I was sitting in my living room and all of a sudden heard gushing water. A water line in my kitchen spontaneously burst. I called the emergency help line and didn't get a call back for hours. I figured out how to turn the water off on my own, but it kept leaking. It leaked for over a day before someone came to fix it. - The closet doors around the washer/dryer fell off the hinges. Someone came and sort of fixed it (and acknowledged that the doors were low quality, and that I wouldn't be responsible for the broken doors because it was clear they were old etc), but left one door partially hanging on the hinges. It still is like that. - Over a week ago one of my toilets started leaking all over the place! I again called the emergency line and someone came over and turned off the water, removed the water from the tank. Five days later someone came to fix it. Two hours later, water all over my floor. Three days later, someone comes and does something to it because it isn't leaking anymore. Instead, the plunger gets caught every time it flushes so you need to remove the tank lid and manually reseal the plunger. In addition, water runs pretty consistently every ten minutes for about 10 seconds. These are issues that all emerged after the toilet started leaking. I still can't use my toilet (after over a week). I picked this apartment complex because I liked the location and thought the price was good. Now I'm not sure it was worth it. The constant hassles of things breaking and never getting repaired is too much. I totally get that this is an older building, and that sometimes things need work. I am actually very empathetic about there being delays in fixing things, and often say "I know this isn't an emergency and I would like it fixed soon ish, but am fine if it doesn't happen right away." (Not the toilet - I have repeatedly stated I would like that fixed quickly.) But the problem here is that things are constantly needing to be repaired and THEY DON'T GET FIXED, sometimes they don't EVER get fixed. What's more, the office communication about these issues isn't great. For what it's worth, they got new owners a few months ago and communication seemed like it would get better. But even still, emails go unreturned, promises to call back don't happen, maintenance requests completely unheeded. The office staff is nice. But pretty nice only goes so far when you aren't able to use basic things in your place and there is no end in sight. And yes, you can hear your neighbors. I don't mind that terribly, but it's louder than my last place in Chapel Hill. I also have started getting cockroaches in the last few months (more than I ever got last year). Like I said, I keep a really clean place, so I think that is because of less tidy neighbors. The exterior light outside my place is out, but I don't even have the energy to mention it. It probably wouldn't get fixed.
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180 West

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