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180 West



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R.j._V • Resident 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/11/2018
180 West is without a doubt the worst apartment complex I have ever lived in. If I could give zero stars I would. The staff in the Leasing Office turns over constantly, and they have yet to have someone work there who cares about the concerns of the residents (i.e. fixing broken air conditioners, appliances, opening the pool in a reasonable time, etc.). The staff treats you like you are bothering them when reporting broken appliances or other items in your apartment that need fixing. Two current (and new) leasing employees are ok and seem to have good potential. The manager is terrible. One conversation with her, she let out a long breath, as if she was disgusted and tired of talking with me. Some customer service. My air conditioner was broken for over a month in May/June. They marked the online work order for it as completed before fixing it. They told me it was fixed and they had a video showing air blowing from a vent at 60 degrees. I asked three people to see the video (the maintenance worker who told me this, a leasing agent, and the manager). None of them could produce the video. They would come out and say what they thought was wrong with it, try to fix that, and it still wouldn't work. Over and over again. Other residents went monthSSSS without a working a/c. There is mold on all my window sills, and around the air handler for the heat pump and the water heater. I asked the leasing agent to clean it up when we did the walk through before moving in. Never happened. All the outside walls and siding are rotting. Mold is everywhere. Someone crashed a car into the front of building S before I moved in four months ago and it still hasn't been fixed. My closet door fell off. It was broken before I moved in and I showed the leasing agent who did the walk through with me. Still took them three months to show up to fix it. They came one day, fixed something else, and said they did the closet door as well. Funny thing is they never even walked into the room with the bad door. The pool didn't open until the end of June. This is the second year in a row that happened. I have two kids that love to swim but went the first couple of weeks of summer vacation with no pool. The pool is now open and has brown rust type stains on the walls of the pool. Gross. I said the hell with it and joined a club. There are several doggie stations that have been without poop bags for approximately a month. I have asked the leasing staff to fill them (twice). Never happened. So, big stuff, small stuff, doesn't matter. DON'T RENT HERE.
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180 West

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