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180 West



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Enevans85 • Resident 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/12/2018
I've lived here for several years simply because I hate moving. The rent was around $750 for a 2 bedroom 2 bath when I first moved in. I now pay $1000 for the same crappy apartment. I've made numerous complaints about a foul fishy smell whenever it rains and after months and months I had to contact Code Enforcement and once that happened they were able to not only find the problem but fix it by the next day. Maintenance is a complete joke, you're better off searching the internet to figure out how to fix something. They will mark your request as complete but never step foot in the apartment. I installed cameras and figured that out. Its June 5 and the pool still isn't open, although both leasing agents Jackie and the other young lady have said it will be open in a couple of weeks, this has been since the beginning of May. Washer and Dryers inside the apartment suck and if you ask for a new one considering its old they want you to now pay which I guess I could understand but its still the same worthless piece of crap, so you're better off buying your own. MOLD MOLD MOLD that they will assure you isn't mold and is somehow your fault if your apartment is too cold or too hot. Spray painted the counters black and its horrible to look at once it starts to peel. Don't bother complaining to anyone because you just get told lies just to shut you up. They truly don't care. The gym is falling apart, I stepped on the elliptical and the foot plate fell on the floor. Haven't cut the grass in weeks so it looks like a run down apartment complex on the outside as well as the inside. Valet trash set outside of my door for days until I decided to just take it myself, I've been here for years and have yet to see them walk up my steps. Havent had AC since the beginning of June and management is no help. The only good thing about this community is its safe, quiet and great location. That's the only reason I've stayed this long. Take your hard earned money elsewhere, this place will do nothing but make you regret the day you signed the lease.
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180 West

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