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DurhamNow • Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/08/2014
I lived at Ashbrook for almost two years. From my first day, I had trouble with bugs. I set off a "bug bomb" when I moved in, because I wanted to make sure there weren't any creepy crawlies already in the apartment since it had been vacant for a few weeks. I found two large, dead roaches afterward. I took photos and showed them to the office staff. They claimed that they were "palmetto bugs" and that they weren't usually an issue there. This was an outright lie as I kept my apartment as clean as possible and still found live ones several times a month until I started insisting that they have the pest-control person spray my apartment every month on the dot. If there was any lapse in the treatment, I would almost immediately find one again. I requested that they send maintenance to check the seal on my windows and make sure there were no cracks that might be letting in bugs. Maintenance caulked around my windows and literally sealed two of them shut with it. My upstairs neighbor acquired a girlfriend about a year into my stay at Ashbrook, and suddenly I had two people and two dogs living above me instead of one very quiet guy. I could hear every foot step the girlfriend took, their bedroom activities (always while I was trying to fall asleep), and their puppy who would whimper so loudly every time they left him that you could literally hear it from outside the building across the parking lot. I complained repeatedly to the management about the nighttime noise, and was repeatedly told they would say something to the neighbor, which either didn't happen at all or went unheeded and without any consequences. Eventually, they offered to let me move into a "renovated" two bedroom apartment at a huge hike in rent. I declined, and they seemed to view that as the end of the story. For a brief time I decided not to rent a washer and dryer. The laundry room here is a joke. It is literally in what used to be the sauna, which is what it still feels like when there are dryers running in the summer. The room is tiny. You cannot get past if anyone else is doing their laundry or if a dryer door is open. There are far too few machines, and about a 2X3 foot counter on which to fold clothes. You also have to juggle your laundry while opening the gates to the pool area to get to the laundry room, and it seems like a real slipping hazard when you have a basket of clothes and can't see in front of yourself. The office and maintenance folks were always nice enough, but they weren't very effective. I had a drawer fixed three times and each time I opened it again, it would fall in and be unusable. I finally gave up and just left it that way. I opened my laundry room (once I couldn't stand using theirs anymore), and the walls and ceiling were covered in mold. My upstairs neighbor's air conditioner's drain had overflowed and seeped into my apartment. The apartments in general were very damp, and not well insulated. This led to mildew in the bathroom and mold behind furniture if it sat too close to the walls. My heating bill was incredibly high considering I lived in a one bedroom and had apartments above and next to me. While I lived there, there were many car break ins, and a neighbor came around to let everyone know that someone had broken into his apartment and stolen a number of valuable items. The office staff tried to mitigate some of the issues of living here by having events and serving special breakfasts, etc. but it always felt like too little too late. I will say that they gave back my entire security deposit in a timely fashion.
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