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Office Staff
4321aa • Resident 2012 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/03/2014
This dump has so many issues, I don't even know where to begin. The most glaring of problems is the office staff's atrocious customer service. They are so profoundly incompetent that I don't know how they even function in day to day life. For example, usually at apartment communities, when a resident's lease is up, the office will attempt to get them renew their lease. They not only did not even try, they made it difficult to get any information whatsoever, let alone a lease to sign. The office staff is downright negligent when it comes to maintenance requests. My A/C has been broken for weeks and they have done nothing about it. It is consistently around 85 degrees in my apartment. My neighbor's hot water heater was broken for months and she called and called and they never fixed it. The maintenance staff themselves are great, but the incompetence of the office staff prohibits them from doing their job correctly. The model apartment they show potential residents is so dissimilar to the actual units, it is laughable. I don't know how they are legally allowed to carry out this scam. I feel so bad for the people who have been able to overlook the awful customer service during their tour and have actually leased at Ashbrook. They will be in for a surprise when they move in. Safety is also a huge issue. There have been numerous break ins that I have heard about from my neighbors (not management, as they have failed to notify residents of the rampant larceny). One break in even occurred as a resident was arriving home. Very disconcerting. I could go on and on but the bottom line is: horrendous customer service, gross negligence on the part of office staff, poorly constructed apartments, the unit looks NOTHING like the model, bugs, break ins, homeless people wandering the community knocking on people's doors asking for money
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