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Highland Hills



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/09/2007
I spent 2 years living here while I was a UNC student. What a huge mistake. When I initially moved in in the fall of 2004, the place was somewhat OK. The people in the office were fantastic and the management company that owned the complex was too. Then it was bought out my Colonial Properties and all of the new people in the office were HORRIBLE.<br><br>Not to mention the bee infestation that occurs from March until June. It was terrifying walking out of the apartment to a swarm of approx. 50 bees in front of your door (I kid you not!! And I lived in 2 different buildings while I was there and encountered the same problem at both!) When i went to the office to complain they completely blew me off- big surprise...<br>Other issues we had: doors constantly fell off the hinges, paper-thin walls, toilets broken on a regular basis, huge cracks in the walls and roaches EVERYWHERE in ths summer (even in a top floor apartment!)<br>Also the electric bills are unbeliveably high. The buildings have absolutely no insulation so that in the middle of spring when you don't even use your ac/heat, your power bill for a small apartment is still around $100! And in the winter, close to $200!<br>And I lived in 2 apartments while I was there and both times we had squirrels in our attic. When we complained to the office, they brushed us off until we had to remind them on a daily basis to get it dealt with to call pest control. They wouldn't and had the maintenance people try to fix it instead (because they're really cheap!) and of course it didn't work...<br>The only thing decent about this place were the maintenance guys- they were very nice and really took care of us... but it was rare that the office actually reported our maintenance requests to the staff, so things were not done in a timely manner.<br><br>So the bottom line- don't live here unless you like living in a place you'll be absolutely MISERABLE at...
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Highland Hills

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