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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/22/2005
They made it seem nice and cute upon first visit (the model), but I didn't realize none of my neighbors would be speaking any English, there'd be a used condom left on the closet shelf and graffiti in the back room (because the apt wasn't cleaned before our move in), there'd be mold all over the kitchen, that the windows would be BROKEN(a/c usually useless) and that I'd have to make 5 trips to the office to get them to fix things (leaky pipes, windows). There are two decent people on the staff, but the rest are pretty unaccomodating. Fitness room sucks, pool is ...cloudy (yuck), and I already have scratches on my car that weren't there because apparently no one here can park correctly. We're two females who live in one of the basement apts, and there seem to be more -------- men hanging outside the landing every night (also like blasting their music occasionally, but not late at night). I pretty much feel totally unsafe coming home by myself at night (always have bf with me), as the lots are poorly lit (although now there's usually some cop with a club walking around, as he should be in a place like this). The bus line's bad but I suppose that's not their fault (once an hour). From reading past reviews however, it seems like they've made improvements, except for their sketchy residents, which they can't do anything about (maybe not give leases to people who are here illegally maybe?). I'm definitely going to find someplace better next year that doesn't look quite like a penitentiary and feel about as safe as one (I'm pretty sure it's just carrboro that's bad. Laurel Ridge is up the street and is 100% better. I don't get it). And I forget to mention, I think they're trying to make the place unaffordable for certain people, because the base rent has gone up to 710 or so, which isn't the value of what you get. Our student discount price of 565 a month is more like it. The horrible beginning aside, they've fixed everything but the ventilation fan and the plug in the bathroom sink, which I've given up on getting them to fix. Basically an unattractive, unfriendly, and unsafe environment, but I'll deal for now.
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