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Bell Preston Reserve

200 Berwick Valley Ln

Cary, NC 27513



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/21/2002
This has to be the worst managed and maintaned complex I´ve ever lived in, known about, or been to. Management changes monthly and seems to get progressively worse. It´s at rock bottom now with the current staff. They don´t return calls, they are only helpful or nice when they want you to renew your lease. There have been many maintenance issues I´ve called about and never heard back from them on. There are gaps under my doors that invite in the largest insects. <br> <br>The move-in was a total nightmare as well. Like a previous writer, I was transferred in from out of state. I had already commited to the lease otherwise, I would have moved somewhere else after the first encounter with management as a new resident. <br> <br>The unit itself is noisy. I can hear everything my neighbors do (if you know what I mean). I also realize that I have no privacy. <br> <br>Several people that live here have dogs and have no problem letting them do their business without cleaning up after them. Especially at night, or behind the buildings. <br> <br>The units themselves are new and look good from the outside. The architect did a good job but the builder didn´t. There have been countless problems with my unit and nearly every neighbor I have has had problems as well. <br> <br>The air filters are never changed, the areas you can´t see from the road have never been seeded for grass ( another broken move-in promise), parking is terrible, many of the units have mice, the pool is open for a short period of time each year, the jacuzzi never seems to work.......... <br> <br>There is one trash bin for the entire complex and it fills up quickly. When i´t´s emptied, the doors are left open and there is visible garbage exposed for long peiods of time. The other problem with the garbage is that I can´t walk my trash to the garbage, it´s too far. I have to drive it every time. <br> <br>I do have to mention the one positive thing about this place. There is one maintenance guy that seems to care about the people living here. Not mentioning names, I´ll just say he´s the "big guy". I recently heard he may be leaving, and if that´s true, it´s too bad. As residents, we now have to deal with the worst management staff I have ever seen. <br> <br>I will also suggest that after talking with many other residents, any positive things that might be posted on this board were probably posted by the property management or ownership.
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Bell Preston Reserve

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