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Boundary Village Apartments

503 Culpepper Hill Court

Cary, NC 27513



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/28/2007
These people have been insane since they took over my last landlord's properties. Our first encounter was a lovely bait-and-switch maneuver where they promised a lateral move from one apartment to the next and then turned around and demanded a $500 deposit they'd said they wouldn't require, AFTER we had already moved. They blamed us for the dismal condition of the apt we lived in before, which had 30 yr old carpet, water leaks and other problems long before we arrived (and we'd been there 6 years!)<br><br>Last year, tropical storm Alberto flooded our living room with at least 2" of water. It was the third time that room had flooded, and all they did was send someone in with a big fan to "dry out" the carpets. The undersides of those carpets were ALREADY black with mildew from previous inundations; it took another TWO MONTHS of calling and asking and writing letters to the owners, to get them to fix the crack in the foundation where the water was coming into the apartment. <br><br>Our family has been sick with upper respiratory problems and chest congestion complications for the past five months now. One of our children was admitted to the hospital on Christmas Eve for pneumonia. Both babies have ear infection problems and have not had a week straight where they don't have runny noses or coughs. The rest of us have had ear infections, sinus infections, bronchitis, pneumonia and strep throat for 5 months solid. We are convinced it is because of the mold and have been looking for another place. I have begged for new carpet and they refuse to change it.<br><br>They came through last year and put in "airtight" windows (FINALLY), but they haven't made a dent in my $250/month heating bill. It's still drafty and I had to buy sealant to finish the job of the window installers in one of the rooms. <br><br>When we moved in, the dishwasher did not work - after multiple calls, the repairman finally believed us - so he replaced the "old" dishwasher with a "new" one - which was simply another OLD unit taken out of a vacant apartment! It hasn't worked since he put it in, either!<br><br>Since we've been at Boundaries, the management has either evicted or refused to renew the lease agreements for almost all the African-American families in our block, claiming the teenaged children are all gangsters and up to no good. They also threw out the only openly gay couple, claiming these kids were a nuisance, just because they had a loud fight in the middle of the afternoon one day. Big whoop, the --------- are in the parking lot all weekend with music and loud cars, fixing cars and drinking beer, on a regular basis. I got no problem with the occasional party, but they "offend" way more often than anyone else who has gotten kicked out, and there seems to be no problem for them. They might get a warning, but they don't get kicked out.<br><br>AND, even with all the evictions, there are still regular drug deals going on down Boundary Drive, right by the elementary school next door, right in plain sight. The people doing the drug deals obviously do NOT live in the neighborhood - yet the evictions continue.<br><br>Speaking of the parking lot, the spaces are so small that when people bring their monster trucks, SUVs and vans into this parking lot, it's impossible to squeeze in a car in every slot. I have so many dings on my year-old car that it's pitiful; I can't believe these people think it's okay to park a huge van in a tiny compact car space.<br><br>We're leaving, as soon as we can find a decent place. But we're not renting from Rhyne again, not after dealing with this nutcase property management on this site.
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Boundary Village Apartments

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