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Hawthorne at the Parkway

10300 Kingsclere Drive

Cary, NC 27511



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/30/2007
I moved into the complex in June of '06. I drove up, viewed the property and their "models" and fell in love. Actually getting a place was chaotic as I was told 5 different things. Intially I was told they had an apt for me at the end of May, which is what I needed. Then I was told that wasn't the case and that they may or may not have one during the summer. Then I was called and told there was one I could move into the following Monday (in the first week of June) that would work. I called her back to get more information and was told she'd made a mistake and that they couldn't guarantee I'd have an apt before August. I told her I wanted a full refund for being mislead. After much arguing, they agreed. Then they called back not 10 minutes later to tell me they had something available on June 15. Against my better judgement, I took the place. I moved into a place that had no AC. They "fixed" it. Days later, I had to call again. And the same thing repeated. They have "fixed" my AC more than 6 times since I've moved in. The ceiling leaks when the AC above me freezes. I was told "don't worry. it always happens" If I had not been home when it started leaking, I would have had more than a gallon of water puddling on my floor. As it is, I have water stains on my ceiling. The cabinets are horrible and the doors constantly fall off--of course they're quick to fix that problem--even if they don't screw them back on straight. The fixtures are insanely cheap and my sinks initially were horribly chipped and were replaced with sinks that are only slighly chipped and painted white over the chips. I currently don't have water. I haven't had water for over 24 hours. I was not notified that they were going to shut the water off though they had known for several days that they would. I have been told 4 different times for when to expect the water back on. I also currently do not have any heat. They don't answer the phone when you call during hours and they only seem to return your call when you're interested in renting. They seldom return your phone calls. Management has changed 3 times I believe since I've been here and somehow a long the way, my lease was altered and I was told I owed more money. Luckily, I had a copy of my lease. You'd think they'd be concerned about it, but not really. They just shrugged and said "don't know how that happened." It took me two months to corner someone to actually get an answer. The dog park is nice and the reason I moved here for the most part, but kids are allowed in there and the equipment has been torn up--the fence has also been broken the entire time I've been here. The walls are crazy thin; I've lived in many apartments and this is the most expensive but seems to be the most shoddily built. I was also told that they'd put my apartment on the list of ones to renovate and then after signing my lease was told they are not renovating one bedrooms. Go figure. I do not like this place. I am not satisfied with management, any of the three, and I am not satisfied with the actual apartment. I love the floorplan but it's just not worth it. Plenty of other places in Cary that are comparable in price with better quality. I will not be renewing my lease.
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Hawthorne at the Parkway

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