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Park at Crossroads Apartments



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Office Staff
vollybal74 • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/12/2005
Everything is going well at the place, we are use to the construction, but two things are bugging me..The first one is not that bad as we were told from the beginning that it would take some time, the club house...I really hope this is worth the wait...The other thing is a big issue to me as not only is it only availible when the office is open, as I get home from work after the office closes and therefore cannot get it until the weekend, but it is also a HUGE Privacy issue for me...If people wanted to they can go in there and look around, which I don't care for them to do...TO THE MANAGEMENT...PLEASE Get those mailboxes up!!! I would rather see the mailboxes get put up then two or three guys standing around trying to play lincoln logs with the trash compactor...By the way what are they building there??? I have asked you guys a few times and all I hear is sometime and it is on their list...If that is the case since you are the management of the property please dictate to them that they need that one the top of the list and. <br><br>I really like the property and even though I have had a couple of issues, you guys seem to handle them pretty well. I just hope my issues/concerns can be addressed. Thanxs!!!
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Park at Crossroads Apartments

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