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1100 Highway 54 Bypass, Chapel Hill, NC 27516
1100 Highway 54 Bypass, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

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Laurel Ridge Apartments



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Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended

Reviewed 04/20/2012

When I first moved into my Laurel Ridge apartment in August, we had several sightings of cockroaches, silverfish, and other creepy crawlies in our home. This lasted for about a month. We had the exterminator come, and as the cooler weather approached, our problem seemed to disappear. I haven't seen a cockroach in a while, but I have seen many spiders (one of which looked like a brown recluse) and today, a millipede. One day there was a spider almost the size of my palm in our sink! And this is after several more visits from the exterminator! I suspect the recent mulching and rainy weather may have accounted for the millipede, but I wish Laurel Ridge would do more to address the issue. There are plenty of cracks in the foundation and siding where bugs can crawl into my home - not very pleasant! Our air filters are also horribly dirty. On the upside, there is no mold, the sliding door has a handy security feature, parking is good, and the place is generally well-kept, albeit old. The appliances are rather outdated, but then again, so is the entire complex. The staff is friendly, but not the most professional; I often go to the office and they aren't there/have left early, sometimes when I try calling during their office hours they don't respond, I put in requests and have to remind them several times before it is done.. really, it's a fine place and the cost is pretty appropriate, but as someone who has an avid dislike of bugs, I will not be renewing my lease. It's possible the apartments farther from the woods don't suffer the same bug problems.
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Laurel Ridge Apartments

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