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Laurel Ridge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 01/08/2013
Overall I really enjoy living at Laurel Ridge. I have lived here well over two years and so I felt like it was time to finally write a review. Pros: Large, spacious, apartments (I live in the townhomes) at more than a reasonable rate. Close to campus and franklin street. The MOST friendly and understanding office-staff I have ever encountered. Great parking So the cons: The back patios of the townhomes are unlit and uncovered. Which makes them utterly useless after dark or in foul-weather. You also can't really put anything out there because it'll get rained on. My neighbor's across the way's patio is ALWAYS flooded. Whenever it rains it floods and washes everything off their patio and fills it up with pine-straw, leaves, and dirt. They are pet friendly (2 pet max- $15/mo/per pet plus a non-refundable deposit) but the bag-stations for cleaning up after your dogs are hardly ever stocked. Very occasionally I have not cleaned up after my dog because I feel like I pay (monthly) for those bags to be stocked and they're not. They have a dog-park but it's not very well maintained. The bag-stations there are the only ones with trash-cans and they're always over-flowing. There was also a hole in the fence that month that took them a really long time to "fix" (wedged it back up with a pole). But I like the feature nonetheless. Overall I'm very happy with Laurel Ridge but I thought I would share my "pet" (no pun intended) peeves with others so they're prepared before moving. Certainly nothing to cause me to move out but there's definitely room for improvement. Oh- and being able to pay online again would be VERY nice. It's one of the reasons I moved in here and it's frustrating that I no longer can.
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Laurel Ridge Apartments

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