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Laurel Ridge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/28/2002
Starting at the top of this review: <br> <br>I have lived in these apts for nearly 2 years, initially they seemed nice but that went downhill quickly, especially in the second year...here is a breakdown: <br> <br>We had a 3 bedroom/2.5 bath townhouse style, the downstairs was huge...but we never spent any time down there. The master bedroom is nice, but the other rooms seem cramped with your average amount of furniture. <br> <br>The rent is outrageous in my, and many others opinions. It is fairly close to campus, but not much closer than some cheaper places. The initial deposit is also high. <br> <br>Parking can be a problem if you come home late at night. There is an overflow lot but people not living in the complex fill many of those spaces and they are far from many of the apts in the complex. Lighting in the lots is also sketchy at best, there was a carjacking at gunpoint while we lived here despite the presence of a state trooper who lived in the same area of the complex where it took place. <br> <br>The grounds seem somewhat unsafe at night. Lighting is poor (there is no lighting in the back of many of the units, despite the presence of light poles which dont appear to be working). There were also 2 break-ins while we lived in the complex. <br> <br>The complex´s gym (and I assume the hot tub they now seem to be advertising) are located at a sister complex and are nothing special. The pool is nice, but is often dirty. <br> <br>Not sure about the other layouts, but if you want to get large items upstairs in the townhouse layout, you better be able to take them apart and carry them up in pieces...otherwise expect problems. <br> <br>The apartment in general feels cheap after awhile, initially things look nice but the kitchen and bath cabinents are cheap. Towel racks constantly fall apart, and the doors and windows offer minimal security and insulation. <br> <br>Electrical outlets are fine. But phone lines were unreliable and had to be worked on when we moved in. Also, not all rooms are equipped with phone/cable jacks. <br> <br>Lots of spiders and ants when we initially moved in also. If you are afraid of spiders, be prepared. <br> <br>Office and maintanence staff seemed slack in general. Things we asked to be fixed upon move in are still not fixed 2 years later, some after repeated requests. Staff is friendly, but thats about it. They also seem to take extended lunch breaks or run other errands during which they are unavailable at the office quite often. <br> <br>Overall, I would not recommend this apt complex. You could spend your 1300 dollars a month elsewhere and get a better place.
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Laurel Ridge Apartments

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