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Arcadia Student Living



Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
I've lived in a few apartment complexes before, and this management is just so ridiculous. The new management came in spinning a story about how it would be better now. The apartment building next to mine is where the floors came caving in, so I guess if that's the standard... they kind of are? I've had issues with their "new management" since the day I moved in. Apparently Brittany was receiving a raise so she couldn't help us when it came to moving in. We were supposed to move in on a specific day but Brittany "was in meetings" the day beforehand and sent one of the office assistants (WHO HAVE NO AUTHORITY TO DO ANYTHING) to tell myself and three other roommates that we couldn't move in for another few days. After that, we found MOLD in all of our air vents (WHICH CAN KILL PEOPLE) and our central cooling system wouldn't work and it took Arcadia FOUR WEEKS of nonstop headaches to get the central cooling system to work. The lights on the dishwasher don't work, the internet is trash and we have to keep getting it fixed every few weeks. The security guards that we probably pay for as students DO NOT DO ANYTHING. The gym is still under construction after having been promised it would be done last December. They decided to start construction directly next to my apartment building, completely obliterating half of our parking spots and THEN sent an email about how we would be towed if we parked in the wrong spots. If that doesn't deter you, there is no place to throw your trash and then they'll fine you $100/bag if you don't drive it or walk it to the ONE dumpster on the complete other side of the complex. They'll set fees like that into effect on a Sunday morning notifying you via email and then have fees sent to you later that day, which is also very unfair. The management is consistently inconsistent- go live somewhere else for less money.
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Arcadia Student Living

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