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Charlotte Woods Apartments



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MrsP. • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/19/2007
I was excited about these apts, close to work, wouldn't have to run around Charlotte setting up utilities. I called and told them I was coming for a tour.<br><br>CONS:<br>When I first walked into the office, I noticed trash outside, and horribly dirty office doors. Fingerprints/dirt all over the glass. If you're not keeping your own front doors to the leasing office clean, it speaks volumes about the rest of the complex.<br>Took a tour in one of the buildings. Walking thru more of the complex, more trash.<br>Only one pool (tho book I saw said 2 pools).<br>Pool is extremely SMALL. Looks like it was meant to be a baby pool. Walk into the building, notice graffiti painted on stair wells. Steel doors into the building rusted and in need of paint. Decks falling literally down with rotten wood.<br>Community has not been maintained. Appliances very old, in disrepair stained and chipped.<br><br>PROS: great space. Just huge apartments.<br>Neat old tile in the bathrooms. Office staff very nice! Appearsv few children living there (another plus). Electric appears to be up to code, lots of sockets for such an old apartment. <br><br>I think I would have kept this on my list, if they would have promised as each new tenant moves in, NEW APPLIANCES. They did state the decks that are rotting will all be replaced this year sometime.<br><br>When I asked about the trash being all over they said the maintenance guy doesn't live there, and he only gets around to picking up every 3 days or so.<br><br>These apartments could rent up to 200 more a month if they would replace the appliances,<br>and hire FULL TIME people to clean the lobbies of the buildings, glass doors, and clean up the trash.<br><br>I may check back in the summer to see if anything has improved. I hope so, because the apartments though very very old, are neat.
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Charlotte Woods Apartments

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