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City View Towers



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donotlie • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/30/2007
Staying at city View Towers is like paying to live in jail. Believe me, i know from my experince during the time that i was living there.<br>Now, it is getting even worse and worse every day: they lock all the doors, they will treated you if you don't apy your bill on time, they don't talk to you with respect after they get to know you and you settle down there, they have spics that watch your every move and then report back to them, they talk bad about people in the office to each other ( i just happens to overheard them talking one day), they are quite to file for eviction, and etc..i can go on and on about the way City View towers. Instead, i am just going to stop right here if you don't believe me, servey at 5-10 people who live there. i am sure they will tell you all about their experince there. <br><br>i wanted to stop but, i just have to let you know that, if you are having problem with anything in your appartment there, don't go to them to fix it because they will tell you that they will, and never even look at it.
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City View Towers

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