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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/17/2007
I'll be quite frank blunt and honest. Honestly this place is priced way higher than it's worth. <br>First of all the place is line up with security at 9:00 till five in the morning. Answer me this what's the point in having off campus housing when you have to check people in. The rules are very merciless and cutthroat. Your rent cannot be after the 1st, if it is then it late and you get hit with a $23 dollar late fee even if you pay on the second of the month. This is also a big party area so of course you'd see exit signs dismantled constantly, pissy or marijauna scents coming from the elevator. If one of your friends gets evicted for ANY REASON even if it's just the inability to pay rent then they are banned so you can't even see your friends after they get banned. Some management members do not know how to talk to people at all. To top it all of the are areas of the place where drunk kids throw up and have not been cleaned. My roomates and I have called maintenance about several things and they have done little to nothing about it. So if you plan on having a stable college expirience of campus I'd highly advise against city view. The inside looks nice but that's about it.
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City View Towers

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