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Jamestowne Apartments



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theycallmescuda • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/11/2007
From the very first day I moved into this hellhole they call jamestowne apartments their were many things that needed to be fixed. I was told that the light fixture was going to be lifted and the plastic holding up the light bulbs in the fixture are cracked, broken and burned. I was also told the crack in my window was going to be fixed but, unfortunatly maybe matienence thinks tape works for everything. I was told that they were going to straighten my carpet? Umm shouldnt you do that before I come! When I had to go the the bathroom for the first time..i was actually frightened by the sight of when I lifted my toilet seat up I found these small white inch worms in my toilet and it looked also like someone did a number two in my toilet before I got there. These are just to mention a few things. BUT WAIT..I have more. As I went down stairs I looked in the kitchen and saw these small bugs..hmm I thought to myself I can just step on these and they will go away. Well lets just say I found out they were cochroaches and I had never heard of them before. I am sorry I am not accustomed to seeing roaches. I grew up in a place where you did not need to worry about this stuff. But my most favorite is the painted bathtub!Gotta love that during the monthly thing. Its sad when you have to flip flops in your own shower.<br><br>FIRE..FIRE...FIRE...FIRE..FIRE...FIRE...<br> was a fire here recently. Which apparently by the looks of it this is nothing new. It seems that people who put candles in windows and let the candle catch on fire and put everybody at risk that management thinks this is okay..so hey maybe if you burn your apt down you can get moved to another apt. while everybody else has to deal with your stupidity. <br>I now have a cracked ceiling, water damage, my heat doesnt work and smoke burns. Oh and there is a gas leak somewhere but, hey its okay. So brilliant management decides to send out a letter about how the gas company will be comming TOMMORROW. Yeah, sure. And come to find out ohh maybe in a couple of days they will come. Maybe if you write a letter letting everyone know that candles in the windows are not a good idea and maybe some precautionary procedures to be used.<br>Lets move on now to matienence. If you dont speak spanish you are in big trouble. Matienence just nods at everything you say and if you say hey can you come fix this its..be back. Thats not even a full sentence! I feel that you are in america speak english. But, hey thats just me. They are lazy!<br>On to management..The funny thing is the office they have on green oaks lane is not open they have the office somewhere else. Maybe they had roaches and had to move. Boy thats nice. If you call they are really nice but if you call more than once on the same issue it becomes an attitude problem. Like you are trying to ruin their lunch. Sorry I did not mean to take away from your precious lunch break. <br><br>I am not a mean person. But, living in an apartment does have its faults I understand that and you might not be able to tell but, I am a very patient person. This has been stewing up inside me for almost a year. And nothing has been done. DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE! Think about everthing I said and take it to heart. I am so glad my lease is up soon and I wil be moving out and looking forward to it. <br>And my dear management if you are reading this you can shove it. I am so tired of being nice to you people. I can only take but, so much!
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Jamestowne Apartments

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