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Landing on Farmhurst



Resident · 2014 - 2016
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Office Staff
I moved here on 9/2014 from NYC and this was the worst mistake of my life. The day I came to sign the lease, I was hit by a car in the parking lot of The Landings....should've took that as a sign not to move in here....the management team that was there when I moved in was being arrested 2wks later for embezzling money from the property and illegal evictions. The next few months were followed by "new management & maintenance" almost every month. Nothing gets fixed in the apartments. When u complain about something needing to be fixed, they'll tell you to make a work order and when u do, there's a whole new crew of ppl in the office....it's a game for these people. When you ask for the property manager, they'll tell you that he lives in Canada and can only contact him by email or he lives in the Virgin Islands. This place is seriously roach infested and has a major bedbug problem. Their maintenance "supervisor, Charles Harris" is a thief and crackhead that waits til people are evicted to go in their apartments and steal their things. The management is rude and they will lie to the police just to protect themselves. Theses apartments are falsely advertised, the pool has never been open, there are no saunas or laundry rooms or workout areas, no stores, parks, or anything recreational to do in this neighborhood unless your looking for drugs and prostitutes. Police are constantly running through the complex yet there's still so much crime. As recently as the summer, a woman was stabbed coming out of her apartment. There are all kinds of parolees and sex offenders that live here as well. The company that owns the landings on farmhurst has recently filed for bankruptcy (please look up article on Charlotte observer website)......I'm happy I no longer live there, I don't advise that anyone lives there, the reviews are true and I wish I would've seen them before I signed my lease
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Landing on Farmhurst

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