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Landing on Farmhurst



Resident · 2006 - 2007
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Office Staff
BE PREPARED TO HAVE YOUR HOME BROKEN INTO! There is Little interest and concern by management. Their only concern is for the damage to their property in the event of a breakins and the rent. Preadtors ON SIGHT! Security is a JOKE! A one minute walk on the property by a rent a cop that stops by at the same time each day is the sum of onsight security. -A HIGH turn over rate, mostly due to evictions. -Insensitivity of management to real complaints. -A Lack of sincere appreciation for loyal and good tenants. There are lot of good people who live here only because they cannot afford to move somewhere else at this time. However, many are moving out as soon as their lease expires, and even prior. A change of attitude by the owners and management is the ONLY way to salvage this property that is located in a community that is already struggling with crime, gunfire and drugs . OH YES, Did We mention the prostitutes that use this place to meet their Johns. Lets not forget the drugs that are sold openly on the street and on certain areas of the property. By the way if management reads this they can narrow it down to which tenants have left this posting. We have complained about this many times over and are each moving out one by one. In EXCELLENT STANDING I MUST ADD. We will not give you the pleasure of ruining our rental history! OVERALL, Most tenants are honest and hardworking people who are underapprecited and OVER CHARGED! Oh yes, if you are an illegal be prepared to pay MORE than other tenants are paying. With an attitude overhaul of the staff and sincere concern for tenants the place may be a decent place to call home. The living area in 2 bedrooms are small and the appliances are VERY ANCIENT. However, compared to nicer, more modern communites the 1 bedrooms are a decent size and the 2 bedrooms are a pretty average size of an older unit with the exception of having a small living area. Oh yeah, there unidentified hairy & fast moving bugs that frequent the place even though they spray every 3 months. Also, GOOSE MESS EVERY WHERE!
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Landing on Farmhurst

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