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Mallard Green Apartments



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Reviewed 06/26/2012
My experience here was both good and bad, but it really depends on what type of apartment you are looking for. Pros- The apartment manager is very helpful and friendly. One of the maintenance workers is quick at responding to any issues. The apartments are not cheaply built like most in the area (Flats, U Village, The Edge, etc.). They are located very close to campus (maybe a 10 minute walk) if you don't want to buy a parking pass. Cons-very old and outdated (this includes the appliances, rug, floors, window fixtures, and the apartments themselves). So many things look original from when they were build in the 70's and should have been replaced by now. I have had a bug problem all year, including cockroachs, ants, spiders, and have had to invest my own money into resolving it because of a lack of response from the apartment staff. The apartments also smell like mold and mildew, which has caused me to invest in an air purifier just to get rid of the smell. All of the maintenance problems were resolved quickly, but also cheaply, they opted for the cheap fixes instead of investing a little more money to solve it for good. All of the apartments NEED updating. It is also pretty high rent for a one bedroom around the university for the quality of the apartments and apartment complex. There are next to no amenities in the apartment complex, just a small pool and a few washing machines and dryers. Next year the rent will be $685 a month. Many other complexes are around the same amount, but include tennis courts, a fitness center, a large pool, dog parks, etc. All considered, I would possibly recommend these apartments, but with many reservations. I am moving out to a complex a little further from the university that is much more updated, well taken care of, and have many amenities to offer, but around the same in rent as Mallard Green. I felt that the other reviews just mention the friendliness of the staff and how close it is to campus, but none of the bad things, which makes me think that these could have been written by the staff
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Mallard Green Apartments

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