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Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
I should start by saying do not waste your time looking at this apartment complex. There are too many options to consider before viewing this overpriced college dorm room. The building is poorly constructed; the fine details of the complex are even worse. For example, the hallway carpet was replaced within the first year due to poor quality and the replacement carpet was not finished for multiple months. The edges stayed unfinished the trim went unpainted and carpet prices filled the hallways for weeks. The floors are peel and stick tile, which get damaged from normal walking; the walls are so thin you can hear your neighbor's toilet, shower and any other noise outside of your apartment. And to make it worse, you will hear plenty of late night noise on a regular basis, maybe even from the homeless that wonder around the property (there were even multiple times the homeless was wondering inside the building). The gym, yoga studio and spin room look great as you glance through the glass windows but once you start to use the facilities you will realize equipment is continuously broken and the rooms smell like a high school locker room. The stairwells are dirty, filled with bugs and spider webs too. And do not worry, if you complain the manager will not do anything about it. The building looks great and you will probably end your walk-through feeling good about this place especially if they are offering 2 months free rent at the time, but after moving in you will quickly see all the issues that make this place such an annoyance and frustration when calling it home. In addition to the concerns and continuous frustration many residents express things do not change at Midtown 2015. You may be told something will happen, but do not be surprised when you ask the management many times for a small request. They tend to do what they want, when they want. One time, they went into our storage unit after we asked them to wait until we could clear a path for them. They disregarded our request and ended up damaging some of our furniture. Again, another visit to the leasing office. The management tries hard and are nice people, but they just can't deliver what is expected from a complex that charges such a high premium.
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