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McAlpine Ridge



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Office Staff
Time2MoveAgain • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/09/2005
I have lived here for 15 months now, and am considering breaking my lease just to get away from this ------. In case you haven't read the other reviews reporting similar issues, here is my experience.<br><br>The water lines on the property have burst three times in the last 8 months. This is the property's line, not the city's. It takes 12-24 hours for this to be repaired, and the office staff leaves at closing time regardless if the issue has been resolved or not.<br><br>The gates have been working maybe 25% of the time I've been here. When they are "working" they still don't serve any purpose - many times the entrance gates are left open while the exit gates are closed, so only people leaving have to deal with the gate. The display panel that should be used for visitors to contact residents so they can be buzzed in is faded and nearly impossible to read, so I get calls at 2-3am from strangers wanting to get in. <br><br>The office staff is as apathetic as anyone could be. I had to stop one of my neighbors from attempting to throw a women off the third story balcony one night, and when I reported it to the office they told me "he has been a great resident so I don't see how there could be a problem".<br><br>I reported a problem with the light on my ceiling fan being loose, so it rattles. They told me it can't be fixed, and if they have to replace it they will only install a light, no more ceiling fans to be had. The compressor on my fridge has a loose bolt that has been that way from day one, so it clanks and rattles everytime it comes on or off. They have "fixed" the problem twice by tightening the stripped bolt, which works for about 2 weeks. They will not replace the unit.<br><br>The pool is supposed to be closed at 11pm nightly, but they leave one gate unlocked so anyone can come and party anytime they want. And they do - many nights until 2-3am. Repeated calls to the police and reports to the office staff has only resulted in my local police patrol not responding to my calls. <br><br>The laundry rooms do not even have coin changers, although the machines take coins only. Half the machines do not work, making it a hassle for the first months before I had my own washer/dryer.<br><br>The walls are paper-thin, you can hear your neighbors conversations. Even worse, the floors are not well built so you can hear your neighbors walk. Part of my den floor is uneven, and there is an area that feels like the floorboards are missing beneath the carpet.<br><br>They even hired a security patrol after some incidents in the parking lot last year, but they are slow to respond to calls and I've honestly never seen them patrolling.<br><br>I have lived at 6 addresses in the last 9 years, and this place is easily the worst. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE!
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McAlpine Ridge

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